Preparing for South Africa

Updated: Jun 23

Hello everyone,

In 5 days I’ll fly to Johannesburg, South Africa. I will travel from Johannesburg to Durban by car with several stops in between. In Durban I’ll spend a couple of days working on Aviadi Travels and not to forget: Surfing! From Durban, I will probably fly back to Johannesburg and visit Kruger National Park as well. I’ll experience the biggest part of the ‘Get local’ journey, except going to Cape Town where I’ve already been.

Overall, it will be a trip of exactly one month because I like to take time to really getting to know the places I visit. A month traveling in South Africa requires some preparation.

In July, it is ‘winter’ in this African country. In Johannesburg, it will be about 17 degrees highest and at night it can even drop till 4 degrees Celsius. In Durban, it is slightly warmer, around 20 degrees during the day and at night around 12 degrees Celsius. In general it won’t be as cold as Dutch winters but... yeah our summer is warmer.

Layers are the solution for those kind of days when it is cold in the morning, warm(ish) during the day and cold in the evening again. During the day a t-shirt or sweater and jeans will do. In the evening, a sweater is definitely needed and a jacket as well!

I’ll travel with a backpack, simply because I don’t have a suitcase. It is possible to travel with a suitcase when you rent a car during your stay. In that case, you won’t have to carry it around that much. When I did the Gardens route, my friends brought suitcases and besides that it takes a lot of space in the car, it was absolutely doable. In terms of packing, a suitcase is always more practical.

Below, I’ll show you my packing list and what I have to do before leaving:







E-reader (saves a lot of space instead of real books)

Hiking/sport shoes

Travel adapter

Ear plugs against noisy people/places

PCR Negative test certificate

Camera + charger


Two wallets (one for cards, one for cash)

Card games

Debit card

Laptop + charger

Sports clothes

Bunch of facemasks (hopefully not needed)

Coral friendly sunblock

Credit card

Phone + charger

Autumn Jacket (it’s not a Dutch winter..)

Small padlock for the use of lockers

Preferably Biodegradable and plastic free cosmetics

Power Bank

ZIP OFF PANTS (naah just kidding)


Some dollars in cash (just in case)

Paracetamol (when you need it, you have it)

My to-do list to get ready:

· Get tested (Max. 72h prior to arrival)

· Download CoronaCheck App (a Dutch Governmental app which shows the Covid Vaccines)

· Download Uber App (I never use it in the Netherlands, but abroad it is very useful)

· Ask my neighbour to take care of my plants at home

· Clean the house (It’s the best to come back in a clean place)

· Hoping that my flight doesn’t get cancelled…

Corona in South Africa

Although we all wished it was over, Covid still exists and some regulations are still there. According to the website of the South African Government, a Negative PCR test taken at maximum 72h before entering the country is required to enter. To be sure, I will also bring my vaccination certificate on the CoronaCheck App. Wearing a mask is mandatory only at big events (according to what I’ve seen on 20-06-2022). I’ll be flying with KLM and on board; there is no need to wear a face mask. The website I checked is:

Getting ready

I’ve done the writing now, it is really time to start packing. If you have any ideas of what else I should not forget packing, please let me know in the comments!

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