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Looking for some adventure? Plan your holiday to South Africa! A holiday to this rainbow nation is  something you don’t want to miss. Once you’ve been there once, you’ll almost definitely return back. This South Africa package travel takes you to the three famous cities: Johannesburg, Capetown and Durban. It includes hiking, museum visits, a food tour, some skateboarding for the people who want to try this out, art galleries and not to forget a wine tasting. The itinerary below is just an example, of course we tailor all packages to your wishes.  

The journey

Day 1. Arival in Johannesburg
Day 2. Guided tour at the Apartheidmuseum and Soweto Township
Day 3.
Guided Walking tour through Johannesburg + a foodtour
Day 4. Cradle of Humankind and Freedom Park
Day 5. Safari at Pilanesberg National Park
Day 6. Morning BIG-5 Safari an afternoon flight to Cape Town
Day 7. Climb the Lionshead + a Township tour in the afternoon
Day 8. Visit
Robben Island  
Day 9. Explore
Cape Points Nature Reserve, watch Pinguins in Simon’s town and discover Muizenberg and Fish Hoek
Day 10. Wine tour at Rejuvenate
Day 11. Flight to
Durban + a bike tour on the boulevard
Day 12. Enjoy a
relaxing day at the beach
Day 13. Drive to
Day 14. Hike at the Royal Natal Park
Day 15. Drive to Clarens 
Day 16. Hike to the the
Tugela Falls
Day 17. Drive back to Johannesburg
Day 18. Visiting art galleries + Skateboarding in Johannesburg 
Day 19.
International Flight


19-days in South Africa

Day.1.Welcome to Johannesburg! visit a shoppingcentrer to buy what you need on the journey (Local Simcart etc.). Welcome diner with your guide.

Day 2. Guided tour at the Apartheidmuseum to get an impression of the South African history and Soweto Township. Nobel price winers Desomond Tutu and Nelson Mandela used to call Soweto their home.  It is a symbol of the New South Africa, still bearing some of the scars of its Apartheid past but also a vibrant city full of promise.

Day 3. Guided Walking tour through Johannesburg. Get an impression of Braamfontein, a true representation of what collaboration between the private sector and public sector could do for countries. Windy Brow Art Center is lively cultural center and Ponte City is with 54 floors the tallest residential building in Africa, imagine the view you have from here! The continent Africa consists of 54 countries with all their own cuisines. During the food tour you'll have a real taste of Africa!

Day 4. Visit the Cradle of Humankind. Here you will have the opportunity to learn more about the origins of humanity in the world’s richest hominin site, home to about 40% of the world’s human ancestor fossils. Our next stop is Freedom Park, one of the most ambitious heritage projects that encompasses the heart and soul of South Africa. Pay homage to those who lost their lives during the struggle of apartheid at Isivivane, a symbolic resting place. Enjoy the essence of Sikhumbuto, a portion of the Park that includes a wall of Names, an amphitheatre, an eternal flame, a gallery of leaders, and a sanctuary.

Day 5. Today you will drive to Pilanesberg National Park for an overnight stay here. Located in the Bojanala Regionwithin a volcano crater that erupted 1300 million years ago, it is the fourth largest park in South Africa with an area of 550 square kilometers. Home to over 7000 animals and 360 bird species, it is truly brimming with wildlife! Chances are there to spot the Big-5

Day 6. Enjoy the crisp morning air as we ride through the wilderness, untouched by the hand of man. Be camera ready as this is the time to capture the wonder of the park in all its glory, you may even come across some of the Big 5 which includes lions, leopards, rhinoceros, elephants, and Cape buffalos! Once our morning safari is complete, we will head back to the lodge for a delicious breakfast. After breakfast, we will be transported to the airport for a quick flight to our next destination – Cape Town! Once we touchdown and have checked into our accommodations, feel free to roam around Cape Town until we meet again for dinner.

Day 7. We have finally made it to the booming city of Cape Town. Our day in the Mother City starts super early with a morning hike up the iconic lions head to watch the sun rise. Cape town is also known for some of the best views in the world and before you do anything else you need to watch this city from the highest place.After the Hike the adventure continues with a tour of the city and surrounding Township. Cape Town has everything you can imagine and more. Soak in the history and culture of this beautiful city as we drop in on some of the more notable sites Cape Town has to offer.

Day 8. After breakfast, get ready to hop aboard a ferry for a trip to Robben Island, a must see during our South African adventure. This world heritage site is most famous for its notorious maximum-security prison where Nelson Mandela was held as a prisoner for 18 years. As we view the cell where he was held, allow your emotions to take over as you envision the journey of Mandela from his fight against Apartheid to his triumphant return as a political powerhouse promoting peace.

Day 9. Get ready to experience the exquisiteness and natural landscapes of South Africa’s Cape Peninsula. Explore the Cape Point Nature Reserve, observe playful families of African Penguins in Simon’s Town and capture the picturesque coastal towns of Fish Hoek and Muizenberg. Take as much time as you can to revel in this diverse ecosystem located at the foot of Table Mountain, savoring the splendor of the Cape Floral Region proudly displayed at this UNESCO World Heritage Site. There is no shortage of photographic opportunities, from Chapman’s Peak to the Cape of Good Hope.

Day 10. Get swept away by the awe-inspiring grandeur of rolling vineyards and perfect blue sky as we tour the renewned Winelands of Cape Town. Indulge in delicious wines along with some of the most beautiful landscapes on earth. Enjoy diverse and delectable wine tastings that include the crisp white and classic French-style red wines and fantastic cheeses that the area is most famous for. Take pleasure in the stunning wealth of natural beauty as we visit the charming estates that are home to some of the oldest and most prestigious wine farms. Relax under the shade of an oak tree and toast the day away as we create memories that will last a lifetime.

Day 11. Flight to Durban, another coastal city, but you will directly notice the difference between Cape Town and this one. In the afternoon you'll have time to discover the tropical boulevard by bike. The boulevard is a place full of ambiance where you can safely cycle around. Get an icecream here, a coffee there and your afernoon is over before you know. 

Day 12. Today, a day off! Nothing planned, sleep in, enjoy the beach, the water is warmer here compared to in Cape Town! Optionally, you can book a surfing class today. During the months June-August there are humback wales around the coast, if you are lucky, you can spot them from the beach! 

Day 13. Get in the car and drive in about 3 hours to Drakensberg. The views are stunning around here. Make sure you sleep well to prepare for a nice hike tomorrow. 

Day 14. Get ready for a day full of nature! The fresh air in this mountain range will do you well. You can make a hike at the Royal Natal National Park today. You decide for how many hours you feel like walking today, there are several options available, all of them are amazing. 

Day 15. Today's drive is not far, but it will need some time in order to stop at each viewpoint you come across. You can tell back home that you have seen the Golden Gate National Park as well, because you drove through it and had some stops. Take your lunch with you for on the way, the joy is in the journey today! 

Day 16. Clarens is a cute little town where you are surrounded by mountains. From here you can make a hike to the tallest waterfall in Africa: Tugela Falls. It requires a drive to the startig point, but from there you can climb all the way to the top of this waterfall. Be aware that during the dry season, the waterstream is rather small. However, the view remains breathtaking (as is the hike to the top ;) ) 

Day 17. Enough of nature and quietness, back to the vibrant city where it all started: Johannesburg. It's is a drive of about 5 hours, in the evening you have some time to visit your favorite restaurant and/or bar. 

Day 18. Ready for some art? Johannesburg has so many art galleries, you will never get enough of it. You do? No problem, you can skateboard your way through town, a professional will help you getting on the board if you have not done it before. During your skateboard tour, you will have to opportunity to see some street art as well, the grafiti here is true art and well thought off. 

Day 19. International Flight

Detailed itinerary

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